Launch schedule

Transporter 7Q2 2023

Falcon 9 by SpaceX

Apr 2023
550 km
United States
Vandenberg SFB
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Launch service providers


Launcher is developing the world’s most efficient rocket and orbit transfer vehicle to deliver small satellites to orbit via dedicated and rideshare launch using a common service and vehicle.
Cubesat or Smallsat
SSO ± 3°
Hawthorne, California


Launch operator

Confirmed payloads

  1. Launcher Orbiter SN2

  2. CACI DemoSat

  3. Momentus Vigoride VR-6:
    LLITED A/B (2x 1.5U, Aerospace Corp)
    REVELA (3U, ARCA, Italy)
    SMPOD03 (3U deployer, ARCA, Italy)
    DISCO-1 (1U, Aarhus U., Denmark)
    STORK-7 (3U, SatRevolution, Poland)
    VIREO (3U, CS3, Hungary)
    OreSat 0.5 (2U, Portland State, US)
    (hosted payload) Solar Array

  4. Alba Orbital Cluster 7
    Istanbul (1P, Hello Space)
    ROM-2 (1P, RomSpace, Romania)

  5. Exolaunch
    TAIFA-1 (3U, SayariLabs [Kenya], Endurosat)

  6. Tomorrow-R1 (85kg,
    OMNI-LER1 (3U, Internet Think Tank)
    Pony Express (2x 12U, aka Tyvak-0261/-0262)

About launch operator

SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk in 2002, made history in 2010 when it became the first private company to return a spacecraft from space.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is a reusable launch system in line with Musk's goal of bringing down the cost of spaceflight. This vehicle delivers satellites, space station cargo, and crews to low-Earth orbit.


 550 km


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