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Use our software to draft your mission and select the services you need: launch, insurance, licensing, ground segment, components.

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Send standardized requests to multiple service providers at once and save weeks of mission planning time.

Get a full picture of risks, timelines, and funds required to achieve the mission success.

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Easily communicate with service providers, figure out trade-offs, and negotiate the best possible options.

We partner with more than 25 leading industry experts and have reviewed more than 100 missions.

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Add your services to the marketplace and get access to our network of satellite operators.

Our teams work every day to sign up new space companies from all over the world.

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Receive requests from pre-qualified leads and send your proposals in minutes.

Cut due-diligence time by getting information on the client’s experience, funding, payload details, etc.

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Develop your sales based on the feedback you receive after every proposal.

Stay up to date on changes that happen to the missions you have signed with.

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The world's most comprehensive list of satellite launch opportunities
Try our launch scheduleTry our launch schedule
Try our launch scheduleTry our launch schedule

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Access our vast network and years of specialized experience
Over 100 mission reviews
We know how to get a full picture of the risks, timelines, and funds required to achieve a mission success. Including those with non-standard requirements.
Over 5 years of mission-management experience
We spot and resolve supply chain and regulatory issues that may not be visible at first.
Over 60 market-leading partners
We can connect you with tried-and-tested companies in our network built by years of collaboration with the best in the business.

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What people say

Awais Ahmed
CEO and Co-Founder,
Working with Precious Payload has been a pleasure. From understanding our requirements very clearly to getting us solutions with a fast turnaround time, it was a very professional and speedy process. Highly recommend.
Mohd Izzed Mustaffa
Deputy Project Manager,
GNSSaS satellite project
Using the Precious Payload online platform has certainly contributed to reducing the time in finding the optimal launch solution for our mission. Through the Precious Payload working team, we then have formed a good relationship with the shortlisted launch service supplier whereby we were able to negotiate an optimal agreement in order to satisfy both organisation's internal procedures.
Marco Pavan
CEO and Co-Founder,
SteamJet Space Systems
At SteamJet we develop water-powered propulsion technologies for Small Satellites and CubeSats. Precious Payload has been our partner during one of our In-Orbit Demonstrations and supported us through the different stages of our mission, providing expertise and support in both project management and technical topics.
Max Arshavsky
CEO and Founder,
Zenno Astronautics
Insane value for money. Responsive, well-connected, professional team.

Frequently asked questions

Should I book my launch in advance?

We strongly encourage you to start thinking about a launch and book a spot in advance (T-18 months) in order to ensure approval of ICD (Interface Control Documentation) or completing safety and testing requirements. You can book your launch online up to 12 months before lift-off, but keep in mind that the process of securing a launch agreement can last between a couple of weeks and six months, depending on your mission design and objectives.

What rockets do you offer for my launch?

Our partners offer a range of options to fit your needs. Heavy and medium rockets include the Falcon 9, PSLV, and Vega. Small craft such as Electron and LauncherOne are available, as well as micro-launchers. Or you can choose in-orbit transportation services, space buses like Momentus or D-Orbit, or even suborbital spaceplanes and balloons.

Who will I sign an agreement with?

Directly with the launch provider. We will guide you in order to make the negotiations and paperwork faster and easier.

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