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Precious Payload is a friendly digital service that makes sending satellites to space EASY. Manage your paperwork, sort your insurance, and keep track of your mission roadmap — all from one simple, online portal.

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Experiment with different parameters to see how your budget and fundraising targets change with varying payloads and launch windows.

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Manage and control your mission progress

Keep track of your mission campaign online. We will create a tailored roadmap and integrate it with your team, suppliers, and experts to have everyone on the same page.

Fill out the questionnaire and our system will generate requests designed for different types of suppliers. Then our experts will help you find the right options and establish workflows with trustworthy partners.

Outsource licensing and export regulations

ITAR, ITU standards, UN registration… You can manage all space regulatory paperwork online through our service. We will make sure that you get it right on the first try and on time. See the status updates in your account anywhere anytime.

Insure your satellite

We are ready to offer you multiple pre-launch, launch, and third-party insurance options. All of them are available through our digital service.

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Missions looking for launch options

3U Cubesat x 12




LEO 500

Launch period

Q2 2020 — Q3 2020






Launch period

Q2 2020 - Q4 2020

1U Cubesat





Launch period

Q4 2020 - Q1 2021

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