Launch schedule

Transporter 6Q1 2023

Falcon 9 by SpaceX

3 Jan 2023
550 km
United States
Cape Canaveral Space Force Station
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Launch service providers


Launch operator


Momentus Inc. is a U.S. commercial space company offering transportation and other in-space infrastructure services.


ISL offers regular launch opportunities for small spacecraft, to low earth orbit or beyond on a variety of different launch vehicles.

Spaceflight Industries

Spaceflight is a premier launch services and mission management provider, offering routine, cost-effective access to space so you can innovate and benefit from a celestial perspective and explore beyond our planet


Launcher is developing the world’s most efficient rocket and orbit transfer vehicle to deliver small satellites to orbit via dedicated and rideshare launch using a common service and vehicle.
SSO ± 3°
200-1200 km
Hawthorne, California


Leader in space logistics and orbital transportation services

Confirmed payloads

Launcher Orbiter SN1 ()
Unicorn-2G/2H (2x 3P, Alba Orbital)
MDQSAT-1A/-1B "Dibu Martinez" & "Juana Uzurduy" (2x .5U, Innova Space, Argentina, IoT)
? (NPC Spacemind, just deployer or payload too?)
PROVES-Yearling (1U, Bronco Space/Cal Poly Pomona)
Sapling-1 (1U, Stanford Student Space Initiative)
(hosted payload) (Beyond Burials)
(hosted payload) (TRL11)
(hosted payload) (Logitech MEVO)

KSF 3A-3D (4x 6U, Kleos) (via Spaceflight)
PolyItan HP-30 (2U, Ukraine, via SpaceBD)
NSLSat-2 (8U? or 6U?, NLSComm, ClydeSpace, via SpaceBD)
Sternula-1 (6U, Sternula)
Flock 4Y (36x 3U, Planet)
Star Sphere-1 (6U, Sony, via SpaceBD)
Guardian-Alpha (3U, OrbAstro, United Kingdom)

ION SCV-007 Glorious Gratia
ION SCV-008 Fierce Franciscus

Astrocast (4x 3U)
Kelpie (3U, AAC Clyde Space)
Futura-1 (3U, Spacemind)
Futura-3 (6U, Spacemind)
Sharja-Sat-1 (3U+, Sharjah Academy for Astronomy, Space Sciences, Israel, via ISIS)
TAUSAT2 (2U, Tel Aviv University, via ISIS)
(hosted) DRAGO-2 (SWIR camera, Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias)
(hosted) Genergo-2 (propulsion system, Genergo)
(hosted) Cryptosat-2 (prototype nanosatellite, Cryptosat)

Momentus Vigoride VR-5 (wet mass with payloads 363kg)
SSPD-1 (hosted payload ~50 kg, Caltech, USA)
ZEUS-1 (3UXL, Qosmosys/Orient G, Singapore)

Spire LEMUR (?x 3U, ?x6U, 6 total)
X21,X22,X27 (3x smallsat, Iceye)
NewSat 34/35, NewSat 32/33 (Albania 1/2) (4x smallsat, Satellogic)
BRO-8 (6U, Unseen Labs)
ConnectaT1.2 (3U, Plan-S, Turkey)
Platform-2 (SharedSat 2211) (6U, Endurosat)
BDSAT-2 (1U, Spacemanic/BD Sensors, CZ)
Star Vibe (6U, Scanway)
Menut (6U, Open Cosmos)
YAM-5 (87kg, Loft Orbital)
SpaceBee 156-167 (12x .25U, Swarm)

Skycraft Block 2 (260kg deployment tug with four Skycraft smallsats)

EPIC Aerospace CHIMERA LEO 1 tug

Maverick Space Systems
(government payloads)

Lynk Tower 3/4 (2x microsat)

Umbra 04/05 (2x microsat)

KuwaitSat-1 (2U, Kuwait)
GAMA Alpha (6U, Nanoavionics bus)
EWS RROCI (12U, Orion Space)
EOS SAT-1 (100kg class, EOS Data Analytics, built by Dragonfly Aerospace)
Birkeland & Huygens (2x 6U, Norway/Netherlands)

Pushan Alpha (3U, Digantara, India) (on Orbiter or Chimera?)

About launch operator

SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk in 2002, made history in 2010 when it became the first private company to return a spacecraft from space.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is a reusable launch system in line with Musk's goal of bringing down the cost of spaceflight. This vehicle delivers satellites, space station cargo, and crews to low-Earth orbit.


 550 km


3 Jan 2023
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