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Next suborbital launch in April 2023. Booking now and has SPACEavailable...
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Exos Aerospace Systems & Technologies is based in Texas, is an aerospace supplier and manufacturer of reusable launch systems that are meant to facilitate suborbital and orbital spaceflight missions. To make the launches more accessible to the world, Exos Aerospace has opened Exos Aerospace Italia Srl to provide an EU based launch option (launch facility details coming soon).

Exos Aerospace is currently involved in launching suborbital research rockets as a step in developing its Air Launch To Orbit System (ALTOS) family of vehicles. The BLK3 Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicle (SRLV) is the latest evolution in the SARGE family of vehicles. The environmentally friendly LOx Ethanol powered BLK3 has significantly increased capability due to its greater propellant capacity and weight saving integration of tanks and structures using SSLC’s type 5 liner less tank carbon composite technologies.

This increased performance enables the BLK3 to loft payloads up to 200-kg to 80-km or higher thus qualifying the vehicle for NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program. The nominal design reference mission is 135-kg to 100-km from the Spaceport America (New Mexico) launch site.

The next launch in April 2023 is booking now, and has SPACEavailable...

Greenville, Texas, United States
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