Space is car manufacturers’ next frontier

Amazon and SpaceX are doing satellite constellation project Kuiper and Starlink, respectively. They are the pioneers of that notion of having their own satellite, even if it’s not a space business at its finest. Can the big transnational enterprises like car manufacturers be the second wave of early adopters of the idea of enterprises having their own satellites?

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Space missions that launched new era of space exploration

As the brilliant launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon a couple of weeks ago started a new era in commercial manned spaceflight, two less visible and nerdy space missions — successful launches of Northrop Grumman’s Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV-1) and NASA’s Mars Cube One project — started a new era in the satellite industry and became great milestones in space exploration. 

Once the technology is adopted, a huge thing will happen, we are going to wake up in a different world. People will change and we will be in a completely different environment than we are now.

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Space Industry Trends: Every Enterprise Company Will Launch Their Own Satellite By 2026

Andrew Maximov, CEO and Co-Founder of Precious Payload, a software company that allows you to manage your space mission without leaving your office, shared a new video with a visionary outlook of the space industry growth in 5 years from now. He is drawing parallels between the early days of the IT industry and the current state of the space industry and concludes that every company will be able to have its own satellite by 2026.

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How To Make Satellites Cost Like Cars?

Interview with Momentus VP Negar Feher – updates, news, and plans of the spacecraft bus operator

Negar Feher is a VP of business development in Momentus, the California-based startup, developing in-space spacecraft transportation service

Andrey Maksimov: Here we are. Hi, Negar. It’s February 2020 now. Last time we were here more than 8 months ago, so it seems like a lot of things have changed. You had a technical mission last year, fundraised a crazy amount of money, grew your team and made some progress on your main product, which is Vigoride.

We would love to have an update from you into delivering orbital customers. We do it as part of our #knowyouroptions campaign where we basically are building software that helps people understand their launch options, and how to figure out a space mission. So, we’d really love to know what’s new in your shop here and what’s going on.

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Three Eras Of Space Launch For Smallsats

Last month we talked about different launch opportunities starting from stratospheric balloons and various platforms to orbital launches and space tugs. This diversity is a relatively new case for the space market and the number of emerging rocket companies can be truly intimidating. Will this trend continue in the future? Or should we prepare for another change? This time we will portray the evolution of the launch market from 2010 – the year when this growth started and up to 2023-2025.

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Smallsat 2019 insights and Precious Payload’s side meeting

SmallSat Conference in Utah is the best space event to align yourself with the industry, present the results for the year, or get new partners. The Precious Payload team shared a booth with our partners from Orbital Transports, met with customers, networked like there’s no tomorrow, and ran a side meeting.

We believe that the side meeting’s format is great for sharing what we’ve achieved during the last year, and gathering feedback and discussing new ideas with our colleagues. But one thing for sure, it was really hard to compete with all the other great side meetings and poster sessions that were happening all at the same time. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve decided to share the video of our side meeting with everyone who could not attend it for whatever reason:

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Taking your business into Space. Why 2019?

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are the names that come to mind when words like ‘business’ and ‘space’ appear in the same sentence. Indeed, true space enthusiasts, and billionaires to that matter, have put their fortunes on the line to pursue their space dreams. Before them, only governments and established corporations could associate themselves with space industry. 

What about now? Are hundreds of millions still required to cross the high entry barrier? Do you still need your government to support you in building a satellite? Is it still as hard as rocket science is?

Seraphim Space Tech Map by Seraphim Capital
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