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Precious Payload helps teams ship satellites to space.

Earth observation business is a tasty morsel for both small startups and well-seasoned players on the space market. Precious Payload’s CEO Andrew Maximov sat down to talk with Awais Ahmed, founder and CEO of Pixxel, an innovative space startup from India working in the Earth observation business, about ways for startups to gain a foothold in this sector of the space industry, discuss the various hurdles on the way to dominating the EO market as well as the best ways for collected satellite imagery to find its way to the end-user.

The government of India is going to adopt a law that boosts private space companies and public-private partnerships in the country. This is very welcome news, and guess why: [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsaMh7_5Bjo[/embedyt] India has really great potential in space technology and the space sector but used to face