Regulatory compliance pillar of the space industry

You don’t have to be an orbital mechanics engineer or a space engineer to create a successful company and career in the space industry. There is room for designers, UX/UI designers, copywriters, and legal advisors. And there is a whole niche in the space industry for services or products for negotiating the standard procurement agreements, including launch and obtaining regulatory licenses for specific jurisdictions. 

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Space is car manufacturers’ next frontier

Amazon and SpaceX are doing satellite constellation project Kuiper and Starlink, respectively. They are the pioneers of that notion of having their own satellite, even if it’s not a space business at its finest. Can the big transnational enterprises like car manufacturers be the second wave of early adopters of the idea of enterprises having their own satellites?

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Space missions that launched new era of space exploration

As the brilliant launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon a couple of weeks ago started a new era in commercial manned spaceflight, two less visible and nerdy space missions — successful launches of Northrop Grumman’s Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV-1) and NASA’s Mars Cube One project — started a new era in the satellite industry and became great milestones in space exploration. 

Once the technology is adopted, a huge thing will happen, we are going to wake up in a different world. People will change and we will be in a completely different environment than we are now.

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Why Boost Space Companies In India

The government of India is going to adopt a law that boosts private space companies and public-private partnerships in the country. This is very welcome news, and guess why:

India has really great potential in space technology and the space sector but used to face with a lack of space regulations and licensing framework. Also, there was not a lot of promotion of the space segment as a possible solution to the challenges in the traditional sectors such as mining or agriculture businesses. As a result, domestic investors interested in supporting space companies. 

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Space Industry Trends: Every Enterprise Company Will Launch Their Own Satellite By 2026

Andrew Maximov, CEO and Co-Founder of Precious Payload, a software company that allows you to manage your space mission without leaving your office, shared a new video with a visionary outlook of the space industry growth in 5 years from now. He is drawing parallels between the early days of the IT industry and the current state of the space industry and concludes that every company will be able to have its own satellite by 2026.

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8 Lessons Learned From Running A Startup In The Space Industry

Andrew Maximov, CEO and Co-Founder of Precious Payload, a software company that lets you plan and execute a space mission without leaving your home or office environment, shared a short video regarding a webinar that he participated in as a panelist last week. It was organized by KryptoLabs and the UAE Space Agency. In this video, Andrew is talking about the lessons learned from working on a space startup in the space industry since early 2016. The following information will be useful to someone who is thinking of building their career in the space industry or thinking of an idea for a startup in the space industry.

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‘Work from home’ hacks from a remote space-tech team

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the modern world upside down. New rules and etiquette of “quarantine” communication forced many companies to switch to remote work. Despite this, the corona-virus outbreak didn’t affect that much Precious Payload’s everyday business processes because our team has been working remotely since its foundation. Team of 6, we all live in different places: New York, Dubai, Moscow, Sochi, Ho Chi Minh, Abu Dhabi. So we are pretty good not only in helping to get your business to space but in using the most convenient digital tools for organizing the remote work of the company. And in this post, we want to share our ‘work from home’ experience with anyone who may be interested because for any business, including space-related one, staying in touch in such a weird time is a primary task.

Daily Precious Payload team calls look like…
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Three Eras Of Space Launch For Smallsats

Last month we talked about different launch opportunities starting from stratospheric balloons and various platforms to orbital launches and space tugs. This diversity is a relatively new case for the space market and the number of emerging rocket companies can be truly intimidating. Will this trend continue in the future? Or should we prepare for another change? This time we will portray the evolution of the launch market from 2010 – the year when this growth started and up to 2023-2025.

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