Space is car manufacturers’ next frontier

Amazon and SpaceX are doing satellite constellation project Kuiper and Starlink, respectively. They are the pioneers of that notion of having their own satellite, even if it’s not a space business at its finest. Can the big transnational enterprises like car manufacturers be the second wave of early adopters of the idea of enterprises having their own satellites?

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Space missions that launched new era of space exploration

As the brilliant launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon a couple of weeks ago started a new era in commercial manned spaceflight, two less visible and nerdy space missions — successful launches of Northrop Grumman’s Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV-1) and NASA’s Mars Cube One project — started a new era in the satellite industry and became great milestones in space exploration. 

Once the technology is adopted, a huge thing will happen, we are going to wake up in a different world. People will change and we will be in a completely different environment than we are now.

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